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Body beautiful?  You will be!

Take time out to experience treatments designed to restore balance and purity to the body. You’ll feel relaxed, rejuvened and perfectly at one.

Why not team with a massage or holistic therapy for the ultimate luxury?

The benefit:Designed to bring purity and balance to the skin on the back – perfect before a special occasion or just for a deep clean.

The science: This customised treatment concentrates on cleansing, exfoliating, mask therapy and massage to cleanse, relax and buff your back.

45 minutes, 125CHF

60 minutes including steam & extractions, 150CHF

Draining, Firming & cellulite busting…
The benefit: Composed of two therapies carried out in alternate complementary synergy:
  • Draining & Firming
  • Cellulite

A professional, 4 phase body treatment with lifting effects and an intensive fat burning and draining action that dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite. A natural line based on Swiss medicinal herbs and alpine plants grown at high altitude from organic cultivations and wild plants selected and processed by hand.

Not tested on animals and produced in full respect for the environment and nature according to high level quality standards and under stringent quality controls.
Without parabens, formaldehyde, added preservatives, mineral oil or paraffin.

The science:  The areas to be treatment are first exfoliated followed by the application of an activator serum, followed by the application of single use bandages soaked with actives.  For the cellulite treatment galvanic current is then used to intensify the power of the treatment.

For best results, we say: Have 2 treatments per week in a course of 9 treatments, then 1 per month for maintenance. One off treatments are possible for a more superficial effect.  This treatment can be carried out during a facial or massage, please ask us about treatment combinations.

60 mins, 135CHF

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