Spray Tans

Beautifully bronzed.  Safely bronzed. At any time of year with LDN:Skins

LDN:Skins’ flexible tanning tones have been developed to naturally tan all complexions. The light lavender fragrance revolutionises the ‘tell-tale smell of tanning’, whilst the light, smooth textures are easy to apply and absorbs rapidly for effortless and flawless results.

The Process:

You will be provided with disposable garments prior to stepping into the spray tan booth which protect your modesty, well-being and hygiene.

Throughout your application you’ll be amazed at how quick and fuss-free the experience is, from the surprisingly fresh and light scent of the spray to the non-tacky coating that absorbs in minutes into your skin without clogging your pores.

You can re-dress immediately after your application (we advise you wear loose fitting, dark clothing).

Suitable for all skin types.

Go about the rest of your day with confidence with an instant golden glow that doesn’t smell unpleasant and is not going to colour your clothing.

Your spray tan will take six to eight hours to develop fully, after which you can wash off the guide colour to reveal the newly tanned you.

Available in medium and dark tones.

30 mins, 60CHF

Works the same way as our standard spray tan, just a faster developing time. LDN express tan builds into a golden brown tone within 60 minutes or a more in-depth tan within 4 hours.

Specially formulated to give a light, refreshing application without clogging pores and won’t leave skin feeling tacky.  It has a great Coconut fragrance too!

Available in a medium tone.

30 mins, 65CHF

-Our spray tan lasts 7-10 days. If you need your spray tan for a special occasion we recommend coming to the salon 2 or 3 days in advance.

-Exfoliate and moisturise prior to the treatment but do not apply body lotion on the day of treatment as this may act as a barrier and dilute the effect.

-Wear dark, loose fitting clothes for your appointment.

-If the tanning treatment is for your wedding we strongly recommend getting a trial tan done a couple of weeks in advance.

LDN : SKINS combines elite professional salon treatments with easy home-use products, to achieve long lasting bespoke  tan tones to suit all skin types.

Influenced by the latest British lifestyle trends, LDN:SKINS is exploding onto the British fashion scene with celebrities and designers acquiring this ‘must have tan’.