Beautifully bronzed.  Safely bronzed. At any time of year with St.Tropez


With one St.Tropez spray tan performed every minute and one product sold every fifteen seconds, St.Tropez is proud to be the leading tanning brand chosen globally by professionals, celebrities and beauty editors alike.  A Professional St:Tropez Tan is the quickest way to achieve a natural looking streak-free and flawless tan.

Our wardrobe of choice provides the perfect product for every skin tone, from a light sunkissed glow to our deepest, darkest bronze. So, whether you’re looking for a professional tanning treatment or a must-have product to use at home, you can find your ultimate tan with St.Tropez, the award-winning experts you trust to make you look and feel confident, all year round.

The Process:

You will be provided with disposable garments prior to stepping into the spray tan booth which protect your modesty, well-being and hygiene.

Throughout your application you’ll be amazed at how quick and fuss-free the experience is, from the surprisingly fresh and light scent of the spray to the non-tacky coating that absorbs in minutes into your skin without clogging your pores.

You can re-dress immediately after your application (we advise you wear loose fitting, dark clothing).

Suitable for all skin types.

The full range of St.Tropez home care products are available to purchase at Pure.

The classic St.Tropez tan.  A natural looking, golden tan that lasts for days.

Your spray tan will take 4 to 8 hours to develop fully, after which you can wash off the guide colour to reveal the newly tanned you. 30 mins, 60CHF

Our most advanced formula with 3 shades in one.

Control the depth of your tan. Intelligent shade technology allows the desired depth of colour to be selected by choosing when to shower.

1 hour-light, 2 hours – medium, 3 hours- dark.
30 mins, 60CHF

Our deepest and longest-lasting tan. Develops in 4-8 hours. 30 mins, 60CHF

Pre Treatment advice:

It is preferable not to apply any type perfume, deodorant or aromatherapy oils on the day of your treatment.
Waxing or shaving should be performed at least 24hrs prior to the treatment to reduce sensitivity.
The evening or morning before your treatment, exfoliate your entire body using St.tropez Body Polish.  Moisturise prior to the treatment but do not apply body lotion on the day of treatment as this may act as a barrier and dilute the effect.

Pay special attention to dry areas of your body such as hands, elbows knees and feet.
Wear dark loose fitting clothing when you come for your treatment.

Our spray tans lasts 7-10 days. If you need your spray tan for a special occasion we recommend coming to the salon 2 or 3 days in advance.

If the tanning treatment is for your wedding we strongly recommend getting a trial tan done a couple of weeks in advance.

After treatment advice:

  • Do not shower or bathe for a minimum of 4 hours after your treatment
  • Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment
  • The guide colour can be left on overnight although it may transfer onto bed linen. It will wash out of cotton, but not so easily from man-made fibres or wool

Keep your tan looking gorgeous for longer:

  • Apply St. Tropez Body Moisturiser or St. Tropez gradual tanner.
  • Exfoliate your skin with St. Tropez Body Polish every 2-3 days to ensure even fading
  • After showering pat the skin dry rather than rubbing
  • Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan
– Formulated with 100% natural DHA

– No self tan smell, with our new mood-boosting fragrance

– Streak-free and easy to apply

– Quick-drying and non-sticky, with no transfer

– Ultra-hydrating with even fade


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