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Rejuvenated, Radiant Skin with Micro-Needling

Microneedling – also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), skin needling or derma rolling- is a powerful facial rejuvenation treatment.
Dermapen involves the use of a mechanized device that features a series of tiny needles that penetrate the top layers of the skin. These controlled “micro-injuries” rejuvenate by catalyzing the skin’s own natural healing response and rebuilding the skin by encouraging the production of new collagen and elastin – smoothing texture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
With this scientifically documented procedure, cells are activated to build a new, elastic and even collagen framework (remodeling). The increased cell growth further leads to a denser and more resistant skin.
Micro-needling improves the skin elasticity, the moisture content, the circulation and gives the skin a youthful glow.
Since micro-needling does not lead to alteration in pigmentation, it is also well suited for darker pigmented skin.
Microneedling has several benefits for the skin, it works to:
  • Stimulate healing of acne scarring
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles due to aging or smoking
  • Smooth skin texture
  • Even out skin tone irregularities due to hyperpigmentation or aging
  • Reduce broken capillaries or spider veins
  • Reduce large pores, sun spots, or burn scars
  • Rejuvenate by firming, lifting, toning and sculpting sagging skin
  • Mesotherapy cocktails – Once the small puncture sites are created in the skin by the microneedling device the mesotherapy cocktail containing antioxidants can then enter and penetrate the skin more effectively to tackle pigmentation, help hydration and promote firming and tightening.
  • Celluma LED Light Therapy – The release of multiple growth factors coupled with the increase in ATP and the fibroblast proliferation that the LED ensures, demonstrates that the combination treatment protocol of microneedling and LED are a perfect match to achieve healthy, glowing, rejuvenated skin.
  • Dermapen Uber Pro Peel – This brightening chemical face peel performed immediately after a Dermapen microneedling treatment is a great way to give your skin an overall rejuvenation and brighten your complexion. The Uber Pro Peel is applied to skin immediately after a microneedling treatment while the skin channels are open which allows the ingredients of the Uber Pro Peel to penetrate deep into the skin to maximise their effect.
We do not perform treatment without a consultation. These are free until the end of March.
So if you are interested, call us to book and we can give you all the info and let you know if its the right treatment for you.
Buy 5 get 6th free or 10% off first treatment.
Valid for use within 2 years, 1 per client.
Please call us now on 043 544 31 31 /078 226 85 06 or email to schedule your free consultation.


Ditch your razor – save 40% on laser hair removal

Be hair-free and save up to 40% with our fantastic VPL promotion.

If you have been considering laser or VPL hair removal for a while, or have had it before & would like to treat a new area, now is the time to do it.

We are offering all clients up to 40% discount on this brilliant, life-changing treatment.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with safe, effective, long-term hair removal.

Energist Variable pulsed light treatment is virtually pain free and completely safe. Controlled pulses of light penetrate the skin and destroy the hair follicle making it unable to produce new hairs. Simple as that!

We’re offering the following discounts:

  • Single treatment areas get 10% off
  • Buy a course of 6 treatments for one area and save 20%
  • Buy a course of 6 treatments for two or more areas and save 30%
  • Buy a course of 6 treatments for three or more areas and save 40%

Patch test and consultation are free until the end of March, so why not book in and see what we can do for you.

Call us on 043 544 31 31 to book!

stock clearanceWhile stocks last we have 20% off selected lines of Skincare including products and kits from Elemis, OPI, Neostrata, Mavex, Exuviance & Novalash.

Come by to bag your bargain!

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You all know by now we LOVE led light at Pure so it was a no brainer to bring back home devices so now you can upgrade the results of your daily skincare routines.

We chose this multi-award-winning LED brand for you because they are FDA- cleared, dermatologist recommended with clinically proven results. No pain, side effects or down time. Easy to use and travel with, just 10 min, hands free sessions, delivering ALL the results!

Click on the different options below to recieve full info for each mask.

I have a limited number so if you are interested please contact me asap!

Special Introductory offer:

  • Each mask is 355chf
  • Buy 2 masks and save 50chf
  • Free Hydrogel face or neck mask with each mask bought
  • Mini Blemish Devices are 85chf
  • Free delivery throughout Switzerland and 30 day payment possible.



Omnilux Contour:

Clinically proven to rejuvenate aging skin.

LED TYPE: Red & Near-infrared

WAVELENGTHS: Red 633nm & Near-infrared 850nm

NUMBER OF LEDS: 132 LEDs (2 per bulb)


  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles, calms inflammation de redness, and reduces the appearance of pigmentation
  • Stimulates collagen & elastin for firmer, more youthful-looking skin
  • Refines skin tone & texture for an effortless glow
  • A non-invasive and all natural treatment
  • Maintains and improves in clinic treatments



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Omnilux Contour Neck & Décolleté:

Clinically proven to rejuvenate neck & chest.


  • Same science as the contour but specifically engineered for neck & décolleté areas.
  • Reduces visible signs of sun damage. like pigmentation, sunspots and redness and fine lines & wrinkles on neck & chest
  • Promotes healthier, younger looking skin
  • A non-invasive and all natural treatment
  • Maintains and improves in clinic treatments













































Omnilux Clear:

Clinically proven to eliminate acne.

LED TYPE: Blue & Red

WAVELENGTHS: Blue 415nm & Red 633nm

NUMBER OF LEDS: 132 LEDs (2 per bulb)


  • Reduces or eliminates active acne & blemishes, reduces redness & inflammation.
  • Helps clear breakouts faster and regulates excess oil production.
  • Helps soften the appearance of acne scarring while building collagen.
  • Maintains and improves in clinic treatments.

















Omnilux Blemish Eraser:

Same science as Omnilux clear.

This mini device targets your expected-and surprise-breakouts while soothing inflammation and redness.



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Omnilux Men:

Clinically proven to rejuvenate aging skin.

LED TYPE: Red & Near-infrared

WAVELENGTHS: Red 633nm, Near-infrared 830nm & Near-infrared 1072nm

NUMBER OF LEDS: 132 LEDs (2 per bulb)


  • Engineered especially for men’s thicker skin.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves the look of fatigued skin, like under-eye bags and dark circles.
  • Helps calm inflammation, redness, and irritation due to shaving.
  • Corrects age spots, uneven skin tone, and texture.
  • A non-invasive and all natural treatment
  • Maintains and improves in-clinic treatments










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