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From the tips of your fingers to the tops of your toes

We offer a full range of services for the hands and feet, which includes a range of custom and everlasting manicures and pedicures through to foot reflexology from our experienced team.

For best results, we say:  For any polish finish pedi, remember to bring along open toed shoes to avoid smudging.  Alternatively try our Shellac or OPI gel pedicures which have zero dry time!



Our manicure brightens and revitalises.  We start with a mineral soak, then nail shaping, buffing and cuticle tidy.  We finish with a mini massage and cuticle oil for super soft hands.

45 mins, 65CHF

With Opi Polish or Vinylux weekly polish 80CHF

With Soak off gel Polish (Shellac or Opi Gel Color) 95CHF 

A manicure with a difference, including a deluxe, soothing and smoothing hand treatment.  Our Pure Classic Manicure, plus  skin renewal scrub, an age-defying hand serum, warm paraffin wrap and a moisturising butter, smothers skin in a protective layer of silky emollients to fight dryness.  Ideal for dry, dehydrated and tired hands.


Pro Radiance Hand and Nail Treatment is an anti-ageing treatment and manicure to soothe dry, chapped hands and nails.

Cuticles and nails are conditioned and strengthened, whilst the indulgent Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath combined with anti-ageing Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail cream intensely hydrates for irresistibly smooth, youthful looking hands.

60 mins, 95CHF

With Opi Polish or Vinylux weekly polish 110CHF

With Soak off gel Polish (Shellac or Opi Gel Color) 125CHF

Our pedicure comes clean and complete with warm herbal foot bath, and salt scrub with essential oils, cuticle tidy, de-roughing of soles, file and buffing.  We top it all off with a mini foot-massage.
60 mins, 80CHF

With Opi Polish or Vinylux weekly polish 95CHF

With Soak off gel Polish (Shellac or Opi Gel Color) 110CHF

Once soaked, scrubbed, clipped, buffed, towel-steamed and filed within an inch of your heel bones, your feet are pummelled, crème drenched, and massaged to perfection.


Elemis Sole Delight Foot Treatment – Warmed aroma-therapeutic oils nourish and condition your feet and nails, whilst the decadence of the Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath and Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt lavish a rich and healing action on your skin. A sensory experience for your feet, to leave you walking on air.

Recommended for rock-hard soles and for those who do not have regular pedicures.

 75 mins, 110CHF

With Opi Polish or Vinylux weekly polish 125CHF

With Soak off gel Polish (Shellac or Opi Gel Color) 140CHF

Your nails are shaped and buffed.  Painted with OPI polish or Vinylux weekly polish and finished with cuticle oil and cream.  For those with limited time or just to refresh.

For any Polish finish pedicure please remember to bring along open toed shoes to avoid smudging or alternatively try our Shellac or Opi gel pedicures which have zero dry time!

20 mins, 45CHF

Your nails are shaped and buffed. Painted with Opi colour gel or Shellac and finished off with cuticle oil application and cream…for those with limited time or in-between refresher!

Please note that your cuticles should be in good condition for this treatment, if not the gel will not last as long as expected.

30 mins, 60CHF



We have two of the best ranges to choose from: Opi and CND’s new Vinylux Weekly polish. With a wide range of colours in both, you just have to decide ;)

Shellac and OPI Soak-Off gel systems

This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high-gloss shine, has zero dry time, and is removed in minutes.

This Soak off gel system acts as an invisible layer of protection for your nails, keeping them strong so that they can grow without breaking. They give your nails incredible shine whilst looking and feeling completely natural. What’s more it won’t chip, smudge or peel. Over 50 colours to choose from.

Any customer whose gel manicure chips or peels within seven days of application, is invited back for a complimentary touch up. After this period however, there will be a charge for touch ups. Customers are reminded to follow their home care advice given by the technician.

Gel Touch-Ups 10CHF for the first nail and 5CHF for each thereafter.

Soak-Off Gel Removal (only before further nail service) 10 mins – 15 CHF

Soak-Off Gel Removal – Including a file, cuticle oil and cream. 20 mins – 35 CHF

Please note: We do not remove traditional gel or acrylic nail extensions.

Very chic, classic and pretty! Can be added onto, any manicure or pedicure.




Upgrade your treatment by adding Reflexology to your booking.  Find out more on our Massage & Holistic Therapies page
Stimulates circulation and relieves chapped dry hands and feet. Compliments any nail care service.

20 mins – 35CHF

Without the use of blades or drills, Mavex callus peeling completely removes cracked hard and calloused skin simply and rapidly.  Add it on to any pedicure treatment for super soft soles!

20 mins – 35CHF

Upgrade your treatment by adding any of these mini rituals to your booking. Find out more on our Mini-Rituals page.


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